Friday, September 25, 2009


Threadless has informed me that my submission just wasn't quite right yet. I'm going to tweak it and submit it for the Critique. The link will follow once I've made time to do this, as it requires going to my parents house and using their computer.

In the mean time, I'm working on more sculpey stuff today and clay tomorrow. I'm preparing because Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means: Christmas is coming!

As far as getting rejected goes, I feel pretty awesome about it. The author side of me is doing little jumps of joy because, quite frankly, any sort of communication is better than nothing. I remember when I got my first rejection letter and what wholly thrilled because it meant they actually opened my manuscript and read it! Oh, and on that note, I have heard back from the publisher regarding the submission I made to the anthology piece about people in the GBLQT* communities and accessing mental health services. *fingers crossed* Even if it's not chosen I'm thrilled that writing the submission has inspired the beginnings of a new novel for me. This will be fun because it's my first go at writing a fully non-fiction piece.

Oh! And that was a Mental Health thing, right? Well, this accessing mental Health services and being a recovered neurotic is opening up opportunities all over the place. There's this fantastic group called Opportunity Works (Aptly enough.) calling for artists to submit their work to a catalog. I've just sent my submission this morning. I've decided to submit my Tarot Cards for it.

Right, enough networking, time to create.

*GayBisexualLesbianQueerTrangendered/Transsexual...not to mention IntersexedTwo-SpiritedAsexualandJustPlainUnlabeled

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