Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn Arrival

As September draws to a close the weather seems to have finally caught up with the month we're in. Despite how chilly it's been I've been as active as ever. Today I managed to drop some more 'zines around the city and yesterday I made more magnets and prepared some new listings to go live on Etsy in short order.

*see Photos*

Outside of my art life and yet, still quite related, I've been going forward rapidly with my plans to move to London. My work Visa should be processed by the middle of October and on November 1st I'll be heading to London to start getting my bearings on where I'll be living and potential employment whilst there. The official move isn't until January, but as a hugely practical person, I figure it's a good plan to 'test the waters' before taking the plunge.

I have to say I'm tasting the anticipation of the move. As I peruse the blogs of other creative master-minds I find endless references to the fabulous, famous Big Cities of the world and how they contributed to their own personal growth and success. Most of them have been able to move to remote locations upon the arrival of great financial success, but it was their time spent in these cities that molded so much of what they do.

I don't have any set expectations for 2010, but I do know that I have always been a firm believer in experience being the greatest teacher and inspiration. As the ever so wise Dr. Seuss said, "Oh the places you'll go!"

As I plunge into all the potential of this move, I am wide awake to the possibilities, opportunities, and risks. I smile the widest smile as I think of all the people who have shown their support and all the ways I've been able to support myself to get this far. None of us know how far we'll go until we step off that edge. My goodness, what an adventure it will be to find out.

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