Sunday, September 20, 2009

Etsy launch!

I've taken the plunge! Gotta say, it's been quite nerve wracking. Mostly just because it's a very real step in running this as my business. Annoyingly enough I have been so jumpy about it that I didn't edit my 'announcement' e-mail, which is terrible. Spelling mistakes abound as I'm typing on my parents annoying tilted keyboard. It's one with a split down the middle...I miss letters and type them out of order. Boo! Which is why this entry, thought started at their house, is being finished and posted from my lovely laptop.

I've also uploaded some more photos of my artwork to Flickr, which I've also posted here for your viewing pleasure. These are three pieces I did for my parents. The mask was a really fun project. I gave my mum a blank mask for Christmas, asked for design ideas, and the following year I gave her this custom designed "Leaf Mask". It's a design I'd love to do as a proper costume mask.

"Bird Woman" is hanging in my parents library. I've just recently found out that my dad counts it as one of his favourite pieces. This was done when I was in a very experimental place. I was playing with acrylic, learning about its application and developing my style. I did this with my hands, for fun and to loosen myself up. I like to think of it as reversible, actually. I think it looks like a flower when it's the other way round.

"Stegosaurus" was another gift for my mum. In this piece I mixed my sculpting with painting. I absolutely adore this work. It's always going to have a fond spot in my heart and I'm extremely pleased with the delightful reaction it achieved when I gave it to my mum.

The last photo is of four little Hippo magnets I made yesterday. They too will soon be available for purchase through Etsy, so keep watching if you're interested. Of course you needn't use Etsy is you don't want to. Anyone who lives locally can drop me an e-mail and arrange a private sale.

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