Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A busy art filled week!

It's Hump day!

Finished the "Element" shoes (Other than laces, which I've got to decide on still). I'm really happy with the design. It's just something I sort of came up with on a whim. When it comes to painting shoes I prefer to do custom orders since someone has to like the design I've chosen for the shoe size if I pre-paint stuff. The pairs I used for "Hermes" and for "Elements" were extras I had from a few years ago. I decided to just go for it and paint them with something I thought might have high appeal in general. They'll both be available for purchase through Etsy when my page goes live. I'm planning on launching it next week. This will coincide with the release of *glee*, my promotional art 'zine! Thanks to my absolutely wonderful mother, I've got 20 colour copies ready to hit the streets.

Watch for those and remember to Fan me on facebook and/or add me to your Twitter if you want more updates on my artwork and how to get some.

Also photographed in this entry are some more magnets I've done week. These little Sculpey creations will be available through Etsy.

Now I'm gonna rest a bit from typing. Karrie Arthurs of Blackbird Electric added to my personal art collection yesterday so my arm is quite sore.

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