Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Furries everywhere will be giddy.

I discovered, shortly after posting about my animation, that a few folks from the Furry community had stumbled across 'Affinity'.

It's true that my art is reflective of a 'Furry' style. I like to think of it as illustrative and whimsical. Plus I'm just really terrible at drawing actual people.

Anyhoo, I am awesome at making masks and I'm completely chuffed with my latest one. I have wanted to make this 'costume' for ages. I think calling it a costume is sort of silly. Everyone knows I'm a wolf at heart, if not in the furry sense at least in having a strong affinity with the creatures. I've been drawing my wolf-self since I started at YAP and now I've sculpted it.

Just gotta do the tail and I'll be done.
And no, I'm not actually a Furry, but even if you're kink isn't my kink, that's O.K.
Custom masks starting at $75.

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