Thursday, November 27, 2008


I get these ideas for sketches sometimes...usually inspired by actual photos. I've done several sketches of my cat and a few of the pet's my other friends have. Each sketch has seemed overwhelming initially. I'd look at the photo I wanted and do a few lines, thinking, "What the Hell am I getting myself into?"

But it never took long for me to get right into it and within five or ten minutes ~viola~ A completed and quite awesome looking sketch of whatever it was I set out to portray.

My tattoo is complete. I love the work Karrie did and because she has such a great IKEA way of decorating and because IKEA has this frame that's just her style, I made the perfect Christmas Gift for her.

17.5 hours leg is done.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I discovered I had a talent for large scale paintings. I'm just not patient enough for tedious details, I suppose. It happened quite accidentally.
One day I was shopping at Inglewood Art supplies (I recommend them highly, especially if you have a Friends of CJSW card and/or are an Art Student.) and I was going to buy a bunch of small canvases. I came across one that was a much grander scale than I had ever used. The decision was instantaneous. I splurged!
The result was a dragon climbing a telephone pole, a street corner in the back ground. To look at it now I can see how my skills have improved in time, but it was definitely an important step towards using the right material.
I have an obvious knack for sculpting, but painting has always been something I've enjoyed. I found myself more frustrated than anything, however, when I decided to paint an image from my head and ended up with less than exemplary results. Acrylic is definitely my paint of choice, although I've dabbled successfully in water colours. So my next challenge was the Right Canvas. Well, the Right Canvas for me, when it's not canvas shoes, is BIG.
About a year and a half ago I purchased the biggest canvas I'd ever used and began a self-portrait fantasy piece. It went through many phases and sometimes I thought it would simply never be done. Well, inspiration struck over the last week and voila!
Acrylic on Canvas