Monday, July 13, 2009

I have been doing art, I swear it!

I finally finished the first story in my Graphic Novel. I'm pretty pleased about this as it was a project I've flipped about in my head for years and never ventured to try out of the sheer frustration of it. You spend months working on drawing this thing that takes most people less than five minutes to read. But it's still totally worth it, I think. I know I did a lot of work on it and I think it's turned out quite well so I've no complaints.

I'm still working on the Tarot pieces but I took a bit of a break to do some art for a competition the library is hosting. The assignment? Create some art that celebrates The Book. I've done a piece on my usual canvas size. It's almost done and I'm really happy with it, but it needs a little something more. I feel like I should make it pop somehow, because, despite being brightly coloured (As is all my work.) it just doesn't seem like it's going to feel done when I finish the final bit of painting.

In other news, my dad and I made a lightbox! I can finally animate at home! I just need to get lightbulbs for it, and a few reams of paper hole punched for my animation stick. Then i can go to town!

So yes, the creativity continues.