Monday, March 11, 2013

Wise At Any Age - An Update

I know I've gone a bit quiet about my book.

I set myself the goal of having it published by the end of March. At the time I had months laid ahead of me and even with the chaos of the Christmas holidays I felt my plan was solid enough that it would definitely be ready by the 31st at the very latest.

You may ask why I decided to take on this incredibly huge task of writing, illustrating, laying out and printing a book myself. You may wonder what possessed me to set a deadline for something I'd never done before and then publicise it right away. You may even question my reasoning for choosing to create and market a book on my own.

Let me tell you a few things about me:

1. I learn by doing. I figured this out at a pretty early age. If you let me touch something, play with it, get my hands dirty, try and fail and try again until I succeed - it will stick.

If you show me something and make me take notes on it I will end up with a bunch of paper with dreadful writing on it and absolutely no retention of what I was 'taught'.

So I decided I wanted to learn how to design a book. It's a useful skill to have, especially when you're a writer with five unpublished manuscripts. May as well learn how to do it myself.

2. Deadlines help me commit. I set a deadline and stick to it. Even if it's just my own personal deadline and even if I could change it and nothing terrible would happen, I have this mental switch that gets flicked when I set a deadline. I will work my butt off to get something completed. It helps me organise my time and ensures I accomplish something.

An illustration for Wise At Any Age
3. Waiting for life to happen is a great way to waste your life. Time keeps on ticking along whether you're using it wisely or not. I once spent two years not using my time very wisely at all. I neglected my creative needs and ignored my desire to travel. I became stagnant and it turned me into a miserable person that not many people enjoyed being around. In fact, I didn't even enjoy my own company, which is never good.

I'm now in the business of making things happen. I'm sending off manuscripts to agents and I'm still editing my work and jotting down ideas for new novels to write as they come to me. But nothing is stopping me from getting a book published on my own and given that I already do all my own marketing for my design work, I might as well do my own marketing for my book.

So that's why I took on this incredible task and I promise, I am still working to my end of March deadline. However, I also want to make sure that the book is the best it possibly can be when I make it available to the world. This is where another thing comes in handy:

4. Let it go. 

I'm not always good at letting things go. My stubbornness is what gets things done or defines my character as reliable and steadfast. But then again, being stubborn can mean being a bit unreasonable. I might not have my book ready by my March 31st deadline. I appreciate that and I can live with it.

Illustration for Chapter 2: 'Curiosity'
It's more important that 'Wise At Any Age' is the best it can be when I make it available. I want the illustrations to be right, the content to really matter and the value of it to be unquestionable. It's not something that I've just slapped together. It's been three years in the making just to get it written. A few weeks or even months longer to get the layout right - well, that's okay. Because when it is ready it will be a Great Book and one which you will be proud to have on your shelf.

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  1. You get done the things you make time for, don't you?
    I'm excited about the book, especially if it comes with illustrations. Do keep me posted. :)


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