Monday, March 18, 2013

London Journal - From London Bridge to Clapham Common

I've never done one of those 'Wordless Wednesday' blog entries - mostly because I take to publishing my blog on a Monday and a Thursday - but I thought I'd have a vague go. I'll call this a Musing Monday. It's a series of photos I took from the top deck of a bus that goes from London Bridge to Clapham Common. 

I love jumping on the top deck and getting the seat right at the front. The view is incredible and on the day I took these it was sunny but cold, so I was able to enjoy the warmth of the sun out of the chill of the wind. 

Riding on the top deck of a bus is one of my favourite things about London. It gives me time to think and I'm often inspired by the things I see along the way. The change in perspective means I take notice of stuff I might not have spotted if I were walking. And it's obviously a better view than anything you get on the Underground.
The Shard - Officially the tallest building in London.
Apparently it costs £25 to go to the top. Seems a bit steep -
*Pause for eye roll at terrible pun*
- But I do fancy going up there one day. 
Elephant & Castle - London actually has quite
a few Elephants & Castles, in the form of pubs and
as sculptures in various areas. There are a few in
Vauxhall, on the building 'The Big Issue' operates from.
But this is the 'official' one. 

I love how many buildings in London have carvings of
faces or animals on them. Central London is the best for
these but I keep my eyes peeled everywhere I go.
I really, really like this one and it makes me want to sculpt. 

The best place in London for street art/graffiti is Shoreditch,
but occasionally I'll find some pretty neat stuff elsewhere.
Not the prettiest but not the simple tags that unfortunately
blight so many places in London. This is an improvement
on otherwise depressing block of flats which are obviously
slotted for demolition. 

Pubs have some of the most interesting sculptures.

Brixton - The original artwork was obviously done
by schoolchildren. I like the mix of graffiti over top.
It epitomises the area. 

No idea what this was about. It was one of many little signs
along the wall of the police station in Brixton. I can only
assume 'Jesus Police' is a band and the accompanying
text to each sign is the name of a track. 

Bovril is one of those really uniquely English things.
If I didn't live here I'd have no idea what it meant.
If you've not spotted it the words are on the brick
building behind the monument in the foreground.

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