Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've completed Advanced Illustrator training! It was a super fun course and my skills have improved so vastly in such a short period of time that I'm already seeing the benefits. For example, this logo concept I did a few days ago took me half the time it would have done before I did the course.

Of course it's helped that I have also been following the incredibly helpful advice of Von Glitschka, my illustration hero. Seriously - his stuff is genius and he's kind enough to share a lot of super helpful tips and tricks that even the most seasoned designer is likely to benefit from. I could sing his praises all day!

Anyhoo, the short of it is, my new skill development is already showing in my work. I also appreciate how unfortunate my current version of Illustrator is. I'm using CS5 and the version I've got never quite worked. Something went awry in the installation and I didn't bother to sort it out. It means that every time I close Illustrator I am greeted with an error telling me that the program shut down unexpectedly, despite this not being the case at all. The pop up isn't such a big deal, but it means that I can't save my workspace preferences.
I love badgers.
I figured that was a good
enough reason to illustrate one. 

Setting up my workspace each time I open a new document takes up a lot of valuable design time. Something I'm now acutely aware of having worked on a version of Illustrator that was installed properly and automatically saves your preferences - such as the colour palettes you work with or which windows open up with each new document.

Everything is on schedule for me to upgrade to CS6 and a far more powerful computer come April. I'm quite excited for this but April is still a long way off so in the mean time I'm getting on with developing all my new skills on the older version I've got to work with.

That being said, if you're looking for a custom logo design or perhaps you want a neat-o illustration for your Facebook Timeline or Twitter Header, I'm always on the look out for fun new projects. Feel free to contact me about any ideas you may have and you too could benefit from the skills I've gained from my Advanced Illustrator Training.

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