Thursday, March 14, 2013

Farewell to Central Saint Martins...

Book Cover Design
Ten weeks ago I began my Intermediate Graphic Design course at Central Saint Martins. It has been an absolutely incredible experience, not least because of the institution I've been able to attend.

The breadth and variety in the briefs given to us have really helped me flex my creative muscles - as well as reinforcing the essential skills I already have. Setting out as a freelance graphic designer has meant exploring what sort of work is out there and what sort of work interests me. Graphic design is an ever changing beast. Web, print, advertising, marketing, fashion, branding, architecture, typography - Design has a grand selection of specialties.

In todays day in age the versatile designer is highest in demand. To be able to design for packaging one day and a television commercial the next (Or more likely, to be able to work on both project simultaneously) makes this a truly a grand industry for a polymath to be in.

In addition to the practical skills this course, I've also learned that to get bored in graphic design is to be bored of life. There are so many ideas, so many different ways of doing things, and so much evolution in the tools used, that the possibilities are endless.

Turning a name into a brand
I've also learned the importance of collaboration. In design, collaboration is almost a necessity if you want to keep your ideas fresh and different. Another perspective on an idea can turn it into the next iconic brand or unforgettable package.

I've had a lot of fun. The projects I've created aren't going to win any awards, but they've gotten me to think about the multiple ways to approach a design problem. I've enjoyed creating a bottle for rowers, turning a person's name into a brand, and coming up with a cover that captures the story on the pages inside.

I'm not sure which was my favourite brief because I enjoyed so many of them for different reasons. This course not only reinforced that I have a solid foundation as a Creative Specialist, it allowed me to have fun by presenting new ideas and ways of looking at things.

I'm going to miss the weekly brief, the critique and access to the Saint Martin's library. Handing in m student card when the class finished yesterday was extremely difficult. But then, I'm a self taught sort of gal and as much fun as it would be to attend Saint Martin's full time, I know it's just not for me. I've had a taste and that's all I needed. I'm plunging into this industry feet first, with great enthusiasm and all my imagination and creativity to fuel me. This course was a taste of all the possibilities for me as a designer.

Two mock ups of a theoretical Google rebrand

Concept sketches for a water bottle rowers could use

Rowers Water Brand concept

Album Cover Design

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