Monday, March 25, 2013

London Journal - Street Art

Last week I mentioned that Shoreditch is the best place in London for Street Art or graffiti. I really like wandering around the area - preferably when the weather is warm - snapping shots of the incredible stuff I come across. 

I have found a few Banksy installations in the time I've lived here, but he is just one of hundreds of incredibly talented artists that make their mark on what are often run down and decrepit buildings. 

A few weeks back I decided to walk part of the way to King's Cross for my now finished Design course at Saint Martins. I'm really glad I did because I came across several new-to-me installations. 
Spotted this from across the road. If you look carefully
you'll see a grey shape above the tail of the weasel. 
Up close, the 'spot' is in fact and incredibly
detailed little owl. 

This is the work of Stik. I first saw a Stik installation
in Bethnal Green. It was on the way to the studio I
took my tarot card paintings to for imaging.
I would have to say that Stik is my favourite London Street Artist.

Also, notice the sausages in the background. 

I do like the ones that use colour. 

This one is actually in King's Cross.
I love that this is a Barclay's bank. 

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