Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Imaged and looking marvellous!

"The Sun" 24X36 Inch Acrylic on Canvas
Prints available. Starting at $50 CAD/£30 GBP
Email to order

The studio in Bethnal Green where I take my paintings to be imaged is not an easy place to get to. I've always had to take a minimum of two trains (one being the ever dreaded commuter line, Central, aptly coloured a vibrant red) and once there the walk to DigitalArte is a good ten minutes if I keep my pace up. This is compounded with the fact that I'm carrying at least two canvases with me, usually 24X36 inches in size. Light, but large, making for an awkward load.

But I love it. I love it because every time I've had to make the trip the weather has been stunning. After a generally grey and rainy start to the week, this morning dawned bright, blue and full of promise. The office where I work during the day was warm when I arrived, a highly unusual happenstance. Usually the room is frigid, a cold breeze blasting from the vents which run along under the nearly floor to ceiling windows of the corner office. Magazines are used to try and block this near constant chill and my first task after turning on the light is to run around the room switching on the strategically placed space heaters. Usually the office doesn't warm until noon, if it manages to get warm at all.

Today the sun, which was quite fresh in the sky, was already warming the room. I removed layers, relishing in the bright yellow glow. My brain was distracted, finding the role of my day job nearly impossible to focus on. In the corner sat two paintings, the final two to be dropped off.

At two I bid farewell to my co-workers, abandoning my thick wool coat on the back of my chair, to be brought home later this week. Outside the sun greeted me, the heat of it shining down from above and rising up off of the concrete below my feet. It seemed a shame to have to slip into the dark, stuffy enclosure of the underground but the idea of taking my canvases on a bus and risking bringing seven back during rush hour spurred me on. Besides, I knew I had the lovely, long walk from Bethnal Green Station to the tall studio filled building next to Regent's Canal.

Indeed, when I emerged from the underground, tucking the canvases under an arm, the sun greeted me happily. By the time I reached the studio I was drunk from it's rays.

I gathered the seven canvases I'd dropped off the week before, neatly wrapped and secured to the trolley I'd used to get them there. I switched them for the two I'd brought, the last two left to be imaged in preparation of my show on August 19th and 20th, and went back out to enjoy the sun.

Nothing like a kick of vitamin D combined with checking something off a rather daunting To Do List to give one a fabulous high.

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