Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dance You fools, Dance! - Instalment I

Location: Raglan Castle, Wales
Present: Clare - Video, Zabine - Observer of Reactions
Song: Upside Down - Paloma Faith

Spring days hold such wonderful promise. A cool breeze may cause a shiver but the warmth of the sun hints at the baking heat on the way in just a few weeks. April 2nd was such a day. The fields were green and through the trees all lack leaves, buds are beginning to show and the energy from all that growth flowed through the air. Exploring the grounds of Raglan Castle, I found myself feeling a wonderful sense of care-free calm. I lay on a wooden bench, basking like a lizard on a rock, soaking up the bright rays of the sun. The grass seemed particularly green and extremely inviting. Inviting, I thought to myself, for dancing.

The choosing of my playlist has probably been the greatest motivator for me to just hurry up and do an installation. Each time I pick another song the excitement builds and I suppose the combination of glorious Spring weather, good company and ancient stone walls made me reach that point where it just had to be done.

I pulled off my hoodie, prepared my music, and did a little speech for the camera. My partner did a smashing job of videographing with my rather run-down point and shoot, capturing a brief introduction to my performance and the point of it: We should feel more free to do what makes us happy and sometimes I just really want to break out into dance, anywhere, simply because I love it and a good song has just come on my headphones.

I took my place in the centre of what was once a fountain courtyard and pressed play.

It was an incredible day for it and I had an incredible feeling from just doing it, letting go and dancing. It's not difficult because the music just takes over. And now that I've done it once, I can't wait to do it again.

Now to choose the setting for instalment II.

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  1. I read, I saw, I showed my mom, we smiled...who danced at a castle? YOU DID!


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