Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Do Lists

I really like making lists. I get a great sense of satisfaction from writing a list of everything that is bouncing around in my head, putting little squares next to each item and then ticking and crossing everything off as I finish it all.

Here's a new To Do List. It's one which is very organic. It seems like, as quickly as I tick stuff of of it, I have to add something new. It's my To Do List in preparation of my gallery show, which isn't until August. This may seem like it's a long way off but I can hardly believe it's already April, this year seems to be whizzing past so fast.

  • Pay balance of rental cost for rental of gallery space
  • Do more dance performances
  • Get footage of dance performances which can be put together as a presentation at the show
  • Write statement for dance performances
  • Pick up paintings from being imaged
  • Drop-off two more paintings (Forgot some...oops!)
  • Get remaining un-imaged Tarot Paintings in Canada imaged
  • Research cheap option for getting postcard sets of Tarot cards printed
  • Get postcards of tarot cards printed
  • Promote gallery showing on twitter, FB and through Blog to increase attendance
  • Develop a solution to website (Ability to sell prints)
  • Make a form to take orders for prints at gallery show
  • Develop raffle of cool prize everyone who attends the gallery will be entered into
  • Finish art description cards for all of the pieces I'll be displaying at the gallery show
  • Come up with a playlist for background music during show
  • Print art description cards
  • Figure out how to get 17 canvases to Brick Lane
Four and a half months to get this all sorted. Time to prioritise.

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