Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dance you fools, Dance! - Instalment III

Location: Regent's Park
Present: Abby - Photography/video
Song: Born This Way, Lady GaGa

London does not generally lend itself well to spontaneity, especially on a weekend. My weekends are usually spent at home, working on my art. If I do venture out it's to write in Bertie and Boo's, a coffee shop in Balham. This is a location near enough to me that the usual mayhem of weekend train line closures and bus re-routing won't effect my ability to get home at a reasonable hour.

But when the weather is good a certain level of spontaneity seems doable if only because of the invigorating energy the sun provides.

Yesterday, in a moment of spontaneity, I 'crashed' a picnic a friend was having in Regent's Park. I brought some nougat and blueberries to earn my place on the blanket spread on the grass near the main gates to the Inner Circle. The four of us were one cluster of many who had seen the day as an ideal opportunity for a picnic in the park. Around us people were kicking footballs, tossing Frisbees or lolling in the sun.

As the evening progressed a breeze picked up and around us the groups began to thin out. Half of our little group had to go, their presence required at a dinner party. Comments were made about the chill in the air, that an April sun wasn't warm enough to keep the evening chill from creeping up.

"I'll just dance. That'll warm me up."

"You go ahead and dance then," Abby remarked.

"Will you take pictures if I do?"

She looked confused.

"It's this thing I'm doing." I explained the idea of 'Dance you fools, Dance!' and showed her how to film with my little point-and-shoot. I already knew which track I was going to use. I'd been listening to it that morning, thinking it was a really uplifting fabulous song to dance to.

Once Abby was armed I chose my stage. And then I danced, like the fool that I am.

And it was amazing.

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