Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dance You fools, Dance! - Instalment II

Location: Paternoster Square, next to St. Paul's Cathedral
Present: Marianne - Observer of Reactions Clare - Photographer/video
Song: Ooh La La, Goldfrapp
April has arrived bright, beautiful and with the promise of a hot summer to come. After a chilly start to the week, the sun broke through and the skies have been blue and clear, the sun warm and welcoming. Perfect weather for public dancing.

To warm up I walked with my 'Observer of Reactions' from Vauxhall to St. Paul's. This walk took us along the Thames Southbank, past the houses of Parliament, through the throngs of tourists at the London Eye, up past the graffitied riverside skate park to Blackfriars Bridge. The nearer we got to our monumental and stunning destination, the more my excitement built. Dancing in Raglan Castle had been a tester, a good launch in a populated but uncrowded area.

Just next to St. Paul's Cathedral, Paternoster Square is not crowded but definitely has more foot traffic than my first dance stage. Because of it's location this square is a commuter pathway, with Suits heading to catch that infamous Central line or the very populated Northern line. I chose this square because I knew it would be busy, but I shouldn't be in the way. My intention with this piece is never to irritate or annoy by getting in the way. I don't seek to inconvenience anyone. I just want to challenge them, entertain them. Make them think, make them wonder, give them something a little different.

I donned my headphones, found a patch of sun, and let the music do its thing.

when I'm dancing I don't really notice anyone around me. I quickly forget that only I can hear the music to which I'm moving my body. I glanced a few faces - one being a scowl from a Suit - always smiling at those who's eyes I caught. I smiled for the glory of being drunk on the sun, having brilliant music flowing through my headphones into my very blood. I smiled for the beauty of London when it's lit up by Spring sunshine. And I smiled because dancing is one of my favourite things and I love that I can do it anywhere I want.

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