Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making a Delivery

With a venue for my Gallery Show booked I must now begin the preparations to ensure I can have prints available of all my work. I loaded up seven canvases onto the frame of a shopping trolley and braved the underground with them. I left at 6:30 in the morning, to ensure that the commuters (Of which I am one so I understand their potential for a grievance) were fewer.

I lugged them all to the office where I conduct the business of my day job, the day job which will be paying for the hefty fee of getting seven canvases imaged in one go, until 3:00pm when I could then take them by cab to Bethnal Green. Myself and the canvases arrived in one piece, managing the journey I'd been plotting and preparing for for about two weeks now. Oh to have a car and be in a city with an eighth of the population!

With my precious cargo safely in the hands of the skilled art photographer I was free to go. I return next week to gather then up and drop off the single one I managed to miss and then I will be able to offer prints, posters and all sort of other reproductions of my 22 Tarot Cards.

How very exciting!

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