Thursday, October 28, 2010

A brief entry...

I was standing in line at Tesco waiting to purchase some bananas and raspberries. The bloke behind me exclaimed and I realised it was my shoes which had delighted him so.
"Those are amazing trainers! Where did you buy them?"
"Oh, I made them myself."
"They're incredible!"
"Thank you."
"Do you have a site?"
But just then two tills became free and the two of us shuffled forward to the counters. We made our purchases and he came at me, receipt in hand, "Write your site down on here."
"Did she do those herself?" asked the clerk who has just served him.
"She did."
"Here," I said, swinging my bag from my shoulder and pulling out my business cards, "I have cards."
They each took one, nodding and smiling. It was a lovely way to start what has been a very full day in a week of very full days.

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