Sunday, October 24, 2010

201 posts!!!

It just occurred to me that yesterday's entry was my 200th. I think it was a pretty dismal entry for such a monumentous number so I'm remedying that with my 201st entry.

This is titled:
What I did on the weekend vs. What the cats did on weekend

I am taking the first steps into writing, illustrating and ultimately publishing a children's book. I first considered the idea when I got my dear sweet little Delirium, who came into my life two years ago this month. She's a bit silly and quite cute so she lends herself well to a character for children to learn from. At first I thought she could be fun to animate, and I still do, but coming to England and bringing her with has helped solidify the idea. My partner suggested I write a series about all three of the fur-babies we are so lucky to have I agreed that it was a brilliant plan.

I had begun my character sketches in the last few weeks and on Saturday I
wanted to work on my rotations. I got out my new sketchpad and set to work whilst the three little critters that are the source of the inspiration did what they do best.

First I copied the three original character sketches to a new sheet of paper and marked out the lines to measure their proportions for the rotation.
Gertrude slept through this.
I began working on Gertrude's character first.
Delirium and Mabel slept.

I finished the pencil sketches of Gertrude and began drawing Mabel and Delirium.
More sleeping ensued.
I picked up my pen and started filling in the lines.
After about two hours I wasn't quite done the full rotation of all three critters, but I'm quite pleased with the result.

Today I spent several hours painting. I don't have any pictures of that to show you because I'm keeping it a secret until it's done.

As for the cats...

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  1. *Chuckles* Looks like ya'all were getting up to what ya'all do best. Can't wait to see more of this Kait, I always thought you'd make a good children's author/illustrator.


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