Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Moon

The 18th card in the deck, The Moon represents both imagination and dreams. It can be a warning about living in a fantasy or it can be a sign of creativity.

Artists and writers usually get this card. It's about the inner workings of the mind, the other realities that we find through the power of our imagination.

It can also be very dark, almost sinister. It's a representation of escapism fueled by mind altering substances. It's the darker thoughts that weave stories and wreak havoc on our emotions.
It can also represent the end of a journey, but not one between physical locations. This can mark the completion of writing a novel or the finishing touches on a sculpture. It's the an idea come to fruition.

I chose a unicorn because, to me, The Star and The Moon cards feel like sister cards. They go hand-in-hand and I chose a dragon to represent The Star. I don't think there's anything foolish about believing in these lovely creatures and as The Moon represents a dream world and the imagination, it seemed the right fit.

I don't know exactly why I chose to have a black unicorn. A white one just didn't feel right. I'd look at my sketch and I couldn't see a white unicorn as my end result. Any other colours would be a bit too 'my little pony' and I wanted this to be intense.

I'm really utterly chuffed with the result. I'm extremely proud of my moon. I love the depth of the brick pillars on either side of the unicorn. The unicorn itself is just as I'd imagined it.
I'll be getting this card, along with The Devil and Love imaged at the end of the month. In the mean time, originals of all my paintings and prints of several of my previously completed tarot cards are available through my website.

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