Friday, September 24, 2010


My computer woes are at an end! Thanks to a very dear friend (I certainly seem to write about dear friends a lot. I feel very lucky to have so many.) I have procured a used Mac. My girlfriend has a lovely new Mac Book Pro which she's named Lowly, after the worm from Richard Scarry books. Naming the computer was my suggestion as I have this thing about naming inanimate objects.

(My phone is Queenie and my iPod is Boon.)

No way was my new computer going to miss out on this personification and so Sheffield it is! It just seems the obvious choice, really. I won't go into that here though.

I will go into the set-up of Sheffield, however. Thing is, I haven't yet. I'm still bumbling around with my (unnamed) pink PC which has caused me grand frustration and angst over the last four months. The reason for this postponement is simple. I haven't had the time I'd like to set-up Sheffield properly. I'm a patient person and I believe that rushing something can lead to more upset than it's worth. When I first got my now loathed pink computer I set about transferring all the files from my old desktop with the help of a data stick. It was a slow-going business and one I conducted whilst trying to watch a program on television. As a result I managed to completely delete a large chunk of very important files which have never been recovered. It was a valuable lesson and not one I wish to repeat, which I guess means I learned something.

So I wait until the right time to sit down with Sheffield, an external hard drive, and the pink monstrosity. I will transfer all those photos of my art, all my manuscripts and all my music. I will savour the moment when it's finished and I make the first blog entry on a keyboard where all the keys work.


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