Sunday, September 5, 2010

Diana Athill

I'm really not good at taking breaks. I don't believe in napping since a nap usually means I won't be able to sleep at the days end. Procrastination makes me feel uncomfortable to the point of physical distress. I sometimes get into the habit of eating my lunch at me desk.

On Friday the fact that I carry a heavy bag and don't stretch my neck and arm muscles caught up with me. My shoulder seized up as a muscle began to spasm painfully. I went to a clinic and was told exactly what I knew would have to be done:

Take painkillers, put heat on it and above all, get a lot of rest.

You'd think this occurring on a Friday would be ideal, as the weekend was stretched before me and rest is what weekends are all about.

But my weekends are when I work on my art, when I throw myself into my chosen career and when I do what I really want, not just what pays the bills. Being told to 'rest' just equals 'Don't work' and 'don't work' equates to 'Neglect what you truly love doing.'

Normally I'd say it can't be done,but it had to be. So I've not really painted much this weekend. I did a little bit of dabbling here and there, but mostly I lay on the sofa and watched television. To give me the idea that my time was not being wasted I did my best to watch those fabulous programmes the Brits make that entertain and educate. I feel it all worked out in the end because I watched a show on Diana Athill, editor and author and all around Mighty Woman. She's spry as anything for someone in her nineties. Her nature and commentary were entertaining, delightful and quite inspiring. I'm eager to get a copy of her novel about growing old titled 'Somewhere Towards the End'.

Proof that you can feel accomplished even when you're lying down.Although, if I'm honest, I still feel a bit lazy.

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