Monday, August 30, 2010

A different sort of blank canvas

The other day I was at the junction of Oxford Circus and Regent Street. Anyone who has been to London will know that this particular meeting of two roads is always heaving. Taxi's, buses, cars, and tourists pack the road and walkways. This is because Oxford and Regent are where people go to shop. There are massive stores that make this part of London seem like a giant strip mall.

I'm not a big fan of 'stuff'. I know well enough that any sense of well-being I may get from a purchase is very temporary. I have little rules for myself, like I would never pay more than £20 for a pair of trousers or more than £15 for a shirt. The calibre of shop that graces Oxford Circus and Regent Street just doesn't drop down to my price range, but I had some time to wander and this was what was available for me to explore. I chose a store at random, planning to people-watch over shopping.

I was feeling a bit crushed by the throngs of people so once inside I made my way up, knowing fewer people would be inclined to go all the way to the third floor. I'm ever-so glad I did as this floor was the sale floor. In moments my shoe-dar had gone off and I found myself standing by a table spread with an assortment of canvas shoes. There were some lovely blue ones and an oddly patterned green and rose one, but it was the stark white ones which appealed to me the most.

I've not had my own pair of custom shoes in ages. I walked out of my last pair of rainbow glories about a year and a half ago. Unable to find white canvas sneakers that fell into my price range, I've let it be. I believe that, when the time is right, you'll know.

I picked up a pair of these white sneakers and checked the price tag, prepared to see some astronomical price.


I almost squealed I was so happy!

So, I have a new pair of shoes...but not just shoes. I have a new blank canvas, awaiting an idea yet to occur to me. I've sat them on a shelf where I see them everyday. Ideas come and go but nothing has stuck just yet. I'll give it time though because I know something will come and when it does I'll be ready with brush in hand.

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