Sunday, August 1, 2010

London Journal - Tate Britain revisited

I temp at an office based in Vauxhall, which is just across the river and up a bit from Tate Britain. As my only other visit to this Tate was brief (albeit very enjoyable) I decided to return. The walk was pleasant and it was neat to come round to the front of the building this time around.

To the left and right of the entrance were two large, black, metal sculptures which immediately caught my eye. I climbed the stairs and went round to the right. Here was a magnificent sculpture of Hermes in an intense battle with a dragon. He was poised, a blade in one hand, severed head in the other. Entwined under his winged sandals, the dragon held a struggling maiden.

The sculpture to the left was along the similar theme of 'distressed maiden'. A rearing bull with a nude girl upon it's back was caught in a battle with two men. It was all quite dramatic.

Inside, though, I discovered something even more wonderful. I don't have a sketch of her for you but Fiona Banner is joining the ranks of my Mighty Women to be studied and recognised for their incredible talent. Her piece, titled 'Harrier and Jaguar' uses two decommissioned fighter planes to represent the fragility of the animals they represent. I was most delighted by the incredible brush work of fragile feathers on the wings of the Harrier.

I think it's fantastic that a female artist has such a prominent display at Tate Britain. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone reading this blog. If you get the chance, please go see it. It's absolutely stunning.

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