Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Magician Revisted


Thanks to George at DigitalArte and to RedBubble, I now have posters, prints and cards of my Magician tarot card design available!

I've gone the route of RedBubble for a few different reasons. Whilst before my prints were done by a single imaging company in Calgary (They did a fantastic job and I extend many thanks to Heather for all her fab customer service.) this only worked if all my customer base was in Calgary and I was there too. As I've had interest internationally and as I am currently based in London, a solution needed to be found.

Through RedBubble my work can be printed as a poster, greeting card or canvas print. As the customer you can choose the currency that works best for you and pay securely with PayPal.

As of right now I don't have all of my work imaged, so not all of it is available in a print. When looking at my website you will see a 'Buy Now' button to the left of the image of a piece. Below that, if prints are available, it will say so in purple text. Just click on that text and follow the simple steps through RedBubble to choose how you want the image reproduced for your personal collection.

Easy peasy!

If there is a piece you're dying to get a print of and it doesn't have a RedBubble link, just drop me a line at

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