Friday, July 9, 2010

You Are Worthy of Love (Green Buddha)

In December I painted a blue Buddha piece that incorporated my writing into my painting. Painting it was an extremely mindful process and I couldn't have been happier with the result.

It was well received by you, my wonderfully supportive fans. So well
received that the original was snatched up in 24 hours and I was rushing to have prints made and delivered right up to the day of my flight to London.

Upon my arrival in this magnificent city I knew I wanted to do another one. I'd enjoyed the entire process and the idea of sharing my art and writing in a single piece is wonderful for me.
Not only that, but it's reflective of my own continued exploration of the world around me and how each of us is seeking to live our lives well.

An important part of that is our ability to love who we are in any state we find ourselves. We must be our own best friend when we are miserable as well as when we are joyous. The smiling Buddha seemed the right choice to convey this with an image and my accompanying words are my own interpretation of the things I read and contemplate on a daily basis.

Prints, posters and cards now available through my website.

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