Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day!

Today Trafalgar Square is the place to be for Canada Day Celebrations. I'm about to zip off to drop some paintings with my imager so I can get to the party early on. Before all this I wanted to post an update as I realise my blog has been silent since last Thursday (A whole week!) and you might be wondering why.

Last night I attended another glass class, which I haven't been to since May. I completed a new piece but I also reflected a lot on what I was doing and why.

I've mentioned my desire for an apprenticeship before; the fact that a class structure doesn't fit my learning style and that art school is an expense I cannot justify as it doesn't guarantee me any success as a painter. I do, however, love to dabble and play and experiment, which is why I went to glass class in the first place. It's also why I jumped on the opportunity to spend a day learning from Sadie Lee.

It's something I'll continue to do, of course, but I run a risk in sharing too much of my dabbling. I realise I have a wide range of talents and skills and I also know there is nothing I won't at least give a try, if only just to see what I'm capable of. This is what an apprenticeship and learning is about and as a strong believer that we are always capable of more growth, I assume I will always have new things to try.

But I know I mustn't spread myself thin. As a student I would be given hours to work on multiple things. I would be paying good money to have the time and space to sketch, paint, sculpt, mold, etch, fuse, knit, stitch etc. As it is, I'm a student of my own making in an environment where I am not in a constant state of experimentation, play and assignments. I make my own hours, and often I am critical of myself and how I choose to spend my time. I've managed to put undue pressure on myself to complete tasks. This defeats the purpose and is every reason why I traditional school system doesn't fit for me.

So I'm redefining, refining and focusing. I'm taking some time to look at my full repertoire, what I truly honestly love, what I see as a hobby and what I see as my career. Obviously I've already discovered that my masks and costumes are something I wish to pursue and I have strong dedication to my Tarot Cards and other paintings. Of course, I also know I enjoy design and wouldn't mind testing those waters.

You see, there is a lot for my to accomplish and ponder.

In the mean time, I've finished another painting this past week and as so many of you have requested a print of 'You Are Worthy of Love' I really should go get some imaging done.

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