Sunday, May 23, 2010

REMEMBER in all capitals, but not shouting - Kait's Mix Tape

Today the sun has been out in full force and I've been listening to my 'meditation mix', a collection of songs with lyrics that remind me to centre and focus. I've been struggling with my Devil painting and it's driving me nuts. I've been trying to find a balance between doing what I have to do to pay the bills and doing what I'm meant to do because I can't not be an artist. As it is I've felt like I've been neglecting myself and this gorgeously sunny weekend has been about figuring out that balance.

Here is a lovely bee that contributed to my contemplative and wonderful weekend.

The Love Generation - Bob Sinclair

I love people. I love how the trouble-makers challenge me to grow and how anyone can be a trouble-maker to anyone else, no matter what your relationship. I love that people that may seem insignificant can have the most incredible impact. I love that without even knowing someone, they can change your life.

I practice compassion as best as I can and I love listening to this song as a reminder for all that. When I go out in the world I'd much rather add to the love on the planet than add to the aggression.

The Healing Room - Sinead O'Connor

When I was fourteen I went to my umpteenth Ontario-based conference with the Students Commission, a national organisation that empowered youth by asking them how they were going to change the world now, rather than when they grew up (Explains a lot about me, doesn't it?). On one of the days we got to go in to Ottowa. Whilst there I found a Sinead O'Connor CD and bought it on impulse. I recalled how my mum and I used to listen to her when I was a kid and I figured this was one of her old CDs. I didn't know about her little debacle or that her career spiraled into a black hole as a result and this was a new album that would go almost entirely unnoticed.

This particular song didn't stick out for me initially but has since become crystal clear. It's about knowing yourself and listening to what you have to say. It's about finding a balance within and using that to balance how you are without.

Be Like Water - Sarah Fimm

I found this song on the D.E.B.S. soundtrack. I adore this song beyond belief. It's so important to remain fluid, to allow change to happen and to not be restricted by putting rules and boundaries around what we feel we should or shouldn't do. Sometimes life will be unhinged and difficult but that doesn't mean we need to run away from it. Running away from what makes us uncomfortable is to deny the very essence of what it means to live. Life is change, life is being hurt, life is smiling and laughing, life is exploring and growing, life is a new job, an old car, a new house, an old city. Life is meant to be lived fluidly and we cannot fill the holes and cracks in another person life. We can't be someone else's fix. We must be our own answer to the life we choose to live.

A Moment to Myself - Macy Gray

"Quit bitching about how nobody really love you..."

Very important to take time to have conversations with yourself. The one person you're with your entire life is yourself and it's so important that you learn to love who that is.

"The answers I've been looking for have been here all this time."

Be O.K. - Ingrid Michaelson

I like dancing to this. I bounce around on my toes and I love it.

...and we all will be O.K.

I promise.

Good Mother - Jann Arden

Keep grounded, face forward, hold onto your heart, love yourself and remember who loves you.

Have a happy Sunday.

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