Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sadie Lee

I've said many times before that art school just isn't my thing. I don't like the idea of paying exorbitant amounts of money to get a piece of paper that doesn't guarantee me a job. Certainly, you learn a lot about business development and how to explain your art. You learn techniques and you get to work with an abundance of materials. But I can do all those things without going into debt.

I'm a strong believer in apprenticeships. Since landing in London I began to seek one out, hoping I could find an artist willing to take me on, knowing I could build my skills by seeing and doing. I would be receiving a one-on-one lesson every time we worked together.
Unfourtunately apprenticeships of yore seem to have faded away to government controlled things with specific age limits and even more specific craft. Essentially, there are none for a creative painter and sculpture who dabbles in animation and writes like a fiend. However, my partner had her eyes open and noticed something that can only be described as 'Right up my alley'.
A workshop with the incredibly talented artist, Sadie Lee.
There wasn't a moment hesitation before I'd booked and confirmed the whole thing. Since doing so I feel spurred on. Now I'm searching for one off classes, workshops that are conducted in much the same way as my stained glass class and weekend opportunities to go somewhere and create. I feel like, now that I've registered for this one thing, there's no stopping me.

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