Friday, May 28, 2010


I've felt quite neglectful of my blog lately. This is partly due to my now full schedule and partly due to a lack of inspiration. I'm just not feeling it. All my recent attempts at writing have fallen flat. Even as I began typing this entry I started and stopped repeatedly, not entirely sure what to write, where to go and what I wanted to get across. Essentially, I feel like I'm updating it because I should, not because I have anything in particular to say.

Not that there isn't plenty to write about. I'm working on a logo for the Calgary Dyke March, for example. It's an on-going project I've been both elated by and struggling with for weeks. As of right now I don't know which design will be chosen and I don't feel it's right to share what I've sketched out until the chosen design is officially revealed by the committee.

I'm also continuing on with the Devil Tarot Card. Initially this seemed to be one of those cards I was going to complete in only a few weeks time. I was flooding with energy for it and each time I worked at it the progress was ample and left me satisfied. The last time I sat down to it, however, this was not the case. I found myself feeling jittery. I was constantly up and down, leaving to go do something else, distracted easily. I wasn't mindful in my work and as a result I ended up painting and re-painting the same part on the horns several times over until I'd worked myself into a froth of unease and I finally just put it aside.

I've also remembered that, due to some visitors, I now have my light box here in London! I was fiddling with it today, pondering what fun we could have and considering a few ideas I've been batting around. Nothing too huge...more just mindful concentration practices, which are so well aided with a light box.

So there's plenty for me to write about, I suppose. I'm just not finding the time or space to get into the groove. But these things happen. Life is up swings and down swings. Life is starting over, jump starting, new directions and bigger ideas.

I think I'm going to sit at my light box for a bit, actually. If only to see what I come up with.

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