Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update and Overhaul

I've decided my artwork needs a more dedicated direction. After a lot of time of playing about with what I put out there, it's occurred to me that I know what I really love doing and I know what I'm good at but I only do because I can.
I think truly amazing art needs to be something done with your whole heart and head.

I've taken on the incredible project of producing my own Tarot Deck on 24X36" canvases. I adore working on them and with each completed card I feel like I'm taking another step forward as I develop my skills. I love to paint and I love to paint on more than just the flat surface of a canvas.

Some of my most cherished pieces have been the paintings I've done on canvas shoes. These are entirely unique, designed specifically for the person who will wear them. Each one has been satisfying from the initial sketching to the final delivered product, for both me and the new owner of the shoes.

Add to that the fun of a sculpted mask, fit perfectly to the face of the customer, and painted with the same techniques as I use on my Tarot Cards.

Each surface is unique in it's own way but all three take acrylic well. All three leave me feeling more and more fulfilled and all three spur me forward to produce more.

As it is, I've done an overhaul on my website. I want to narrow my skill set, truly develop my work in the one medium and see where it takes me.

Of course I'll continue playing with glass in my own time. When the desire to sculpt something hits me, I've got all the sculpey I need to keep me amused. I'll continue to share the dabbling I do on my site and through this blog, but I am a painter...therefore, I paint.

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