Thursday, April 29, 2010

The 15th Card

The sketch is done. I'm utterly chuffed with it.

I've chosen a ram as my animal. I love how long and curly their horns can get and I found some photos of rams which looked particularly Devil-ish. This was my inspiration.

As usual I have included key elements most often found in the many representations of a Tarot Card. In this case, besides the obvious (fire) I have a spiderweb and a chain. The chain represents attachment and being held back. Again, some of that Buddha nature comes through in these cards and I like that. Because attachment is so often misunderstood, I wanted to include it in this particular card.

The other symbol is a spiderweb, which represents lies, most often, but has also been described as representing confusion. I don't find spiderwebs confusing, but since they do entrap things and the Devil Card is all about imbalance and denial, it seemed a good fit.

When completed the original will be available for purchase.

Remember, if you like my cards but can't afford an original canvas, I have prints available via Redbubble.

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