Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Judgment card represents change. In Buddhism understanding and embracing change are extremely important. The teachings of suffering due to attachment are hinged on the understanding that everything is impermanent. The Judgment card represents accepting this impermanence and embracing something new.

This is the first time I've used text in one of my tarot cards. I do like incorporating my writing into my art, but because these cards are based so strongly on symbolism, I've not felt the need to bring in words. With this one, however, I found a Buddhist quote which I felt fit the mood and meaning of the card extremely well.

I chose a hare because they adapt to their surroundings and the change in weather by changing their coat each year. I have also always thought hares are a symbol of strength and it takes great strength to train ones mind to be comfortable and accepting of change.

I don't know that I'll finish another tarot card this year. I've only three left: The Chariot, Justice and the Wheel of Fortune. My parents are arriving for Christmas holidays on Monday and between visiting, work and Christmas things I don't suppose I'll have a lot of time for painting. Still, I've done ten cards this year and this final one certainly fits the time of year. Change is constant but I think we all become a bit more aware of it as a new year approaches.

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