Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peg and Horatio

Today I decided to take a break from editing, painting and stress by indulging in a little Sculpey fun. For Christmas this year my adoring girlfriend got me a lovely ornament. It's a little sled made of wood and wire, hung with a piece of wool. This gift was wonderfully thoughtful as last year she came to Canada for Christmas and one of our afternoons was spent on a hill. She stood at the top with one of my more sensible friends whilst myself and two less-than-sensible friends hurled ourselves down said hill on all manner of sledding devices.

London is considerably less snowy and hilly than Calgary and so this little token showed thought and love for something I love very much.

Any reciprocal gift needed to be considered with the same care.

Initially my plot was to find something in a shop. During the week I had the opportunity to pop into a store and take a look. It was one of those year round Christmas shoppes (With the all important double 'P' accompanied by an 'E' on the end) that tries to maximise on the commercial appeal of Christmas each and every month. Usually these places hold an abundance of every ornament imaginable and the high level of shoddy crap they sell is balanced by some relatively decent products. I scanned the shelves, knowing exactly what I was looking for. Less than thirty seconds and I knew I'd not find it here, nor anywhere else. Already my planned gift was coming together in my head and I knew there was only one way to go about it.

The ornament I gave would have to be one I'd made.

Today I got out my box of Sculpey, which I've not touched since a commission in the Spring to make a dragon. I've put my sculpture on a back burner as, more often than not, producing little colourful creatures makes me feel like a factory worker on an assembly line rather than an artist. I don't mind making a one off but that rarely happens. It takes away from it being a creative process when I'm making ten of something.

But this ornament is a one of a kind creation straight from my heart and imagination. It was so well received that I was inspired to make another one. Both were promptly named (Peg Robin and Horatio Hare) and now hang proudly at the top of the tree.

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