Saturday, December 11, 2010

London Journal - The Royal Academy

The criss-crossed meeting of Piccadilly, Oxford and Regent street are always a mass of tourists out shopping. The streets are lined with shops and run into the theatre district of Leicester Square and the restaurants of Soho. It is an area I would normally avoid as I can only liken it to a giant outdoor shopping mall and one of my least favourite places to be is in a mall. However, walk a little ways down Piccadilly and tucked back from the road is the courtyard of the Royal Academy.
The intricate stonework instantly caught my eye. It reminded my of the Louvre, as did the lovely statue at the entrance. A choir stood to one side of the door, a charming addition to the setting. Christmas carols filled the night air and before going in a moment had to be spent enjoying the lift of so many voices.
But it was chilly and the purpose was to go inside and see the Glasgow Boys, an exhibit that will soon be finishing it's run at the Royal Academy.

The thing about London is that there are so many exhibits with limited runs that one sometimes doesn't know which to go to. Most of the special exhibits also have a ticket price, which makes me more discerning about my choices.

I'm ever so glad I went to see this one. I've found a love for Guthrie, Lavery and Bastien-Lepage. The use of light and dark, the intricate detail combined with the bold brush strokes and the mottling of colour was charming and beautiful. It was enough to actually make me think I might have another go at oils. It's just a thought and at the moment, my plan will remain a secret.

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