Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Wheel of Fortune

This card represents good fortune. This is the accumulation of all the good we do coming back to us. It's serendipity.

Initially I wanted to do something using rodents to play on the wheel aspect of the card. I mulled this idea over and did a few rough sketches of different layouts, but nothing has piqued my interest enough for me to carry it through and start the painting.

I now have all the canvases I need for the final five cards I have to do to complete my depiction of the Major Arcana. The Chariot is just barely started and The Sun is nearing completion. Justice and Judgement are sketched out in my journal, taking shape nicely and starting to settle enough in my imagination to be something I can soon produce. The Wheel of Fourtune, however, is a blank canvas to me.

I am unsure which animal or animals can represent this incredibly sought after card. As a Buddhist I am able to see it as a representation of the balance of Karma. It's about putting good energy out into the universe, removing the Karma against us, and the energy we will receive in return. It's also a card of change, from a path of struggle to a path of well-being.

Traditionally the card will have a Sphinx in it but in doing this project I have avoided using the traditional animal representations for the sake of making the card designs more my own. I am struggling with this one. It's an important card with many symbols. The animal I choose will be just as important.

Once again I ask you, my readers, followers and fans, to tell me what you think. What is an animal (or animals) that represents good fortune, positive change and an uplift to the spirits?

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