Saturday, November 20, 2010

London Journal - Bethnal Green to Holburn

On Friday I dropped off The Hermit, Love and The Devil to be imaged by George. It was a gloriously warm afternoon, as it always seems to be when I take my work in. I said as such to George when he opened the door to his studio. Once inside I revealed the paintings, which I'd wrapped in two large plastic garden trash bags for safe transportation. Together we looked them over. Before leaving we agreed upon a rough idea of when I'd be able to come by and pick them up, along with the CDs that would contain the images. I bade him farewell, returning to the street.

The single other task on my list was to go around the corner to a quaint bookshop I'd discovered on my first visit to George's studio. There I procured 'The Elegance of the Hedgehog', a book I've thought about since I first saw it in the very same shop. The book has surfaced again and again in various shops since and I'd made up my mind that it needed reading.
The newly purchased book tucked snuggly in my rucksack, next to my journal, I had the rest of the stunning autumn afternoon stretched ahead of me. The already setting sun was warm and lovely and it seemed a shame to disappear into the underground. I'd spotted the Gherkin in the distance and figured I could start walking in that general direction to make my way into central London.

I've not done such an exploratory walk in ages and as I'd not really intended to do one when I'd left home that morning, I didn't have my camera on me. This struck me as I rounded a corner and discovered a sign which is also the title of one of my favourite songs (And a song I've done in drag).

Fortunately I did have my phone handy and whilst the photos aren't at their sharpest, they're still relatively decent. It did the trick and came in handy throughout the entire jaunt as I discovered a large quantity of graffiti, a few more interesting signs and a marvellous old graveyard.

Today the walking bug seems to have stuck. After a delicious breakfast I packed my bag with a journal and my camera and headed out to find an orange church I've passed many times by car. After a slightly nippy but very refreshing walk, which only took twenty minutes, I arrived at my destination. I wandered amongst the gravestones that filled the church yard, snapping photos and jotting thoughts down in my journal.

All this walking has been doing me a world of good. My chest feels less tight with worry, my head more clear and quiet. A walk will do you good.

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