Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remember, remember...

Outside the occasional firework goes off with a thunderous, echoing boom. There are crackling ones and wizzy ones. These sounds means the fifth of November is approaching and here I've not made a single blog entry yet this month. I can explain, of course. This is the last week of my course so I'm a bit swamped with getting as much of my project done as I can. That is to say, I have accepted that it won't be finished. Not yet. Not with how much I've chosen to do. But the course is an introduction and I cannot argue that it has introduced me to something brilliant, which I intend to use over and over.

For now though I'm using this at an opportunity to change my measure of what is 'enough'. In this case I have managed to use the basic skills of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop to begin a sketch of a catalogue of my art. I've also begun looking at how I can incorporate more technological things into the art I create and I really do believe that this will only give me more options moving forward.

Growth is good.

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  1. Bella decides to stay around as long as she is growing and growing is good. When she is lonely she plays her flute. But Lise-Jane doesn't have a flute.


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