Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Book benches of London! - London journal

I don't think he needs an introduction - personally.
The Terry Pratchett bench was the one I was most excited to photograph. 

Unfortunately the back didn't work very well because of how the bench is positioned and the white light bouncing off the clouds, but it's a really cool map design of Discworld. 

Of course my second choice was very high on the nerd list - A Brief History of Time! 

I only just finished reading this book early this year. It confused me and hurt my brain sometimes but also absolutely amazed and astounded me. It thrilled and entertained and made me deeply curious to learn more. 

Oh, a childhood favourite! 

So delightful - really.

There are many, many other books in the Books About Town but these three were the ones I was most keen to capture.

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