Monday, April 1, 2013

London, um... Greenwich Journal

When I first moved to London over three yeas ago every week was an adventure in discovery. I saw iconic buildings, discovered incredible artwork and visited museums I'd always wanted to see weekly. Even when I started working I still managed to find time to explore and go to new places whenever family or friends came to visit.

Three years in and I've gotten into a routine and, I'm begrudged to admit it, turned into a Londoner in as much that I don't go to a lot of the 'touristy' attractions. I still explore and often visit places which I fell in love with upon first sight. I like going back to museums I've already seen and I manage to take in West End shows and eat out at world famous restaurants every so often. But the momentum has definitely faltered.

So this weekend was particularly fun as I ticked off two more things from my Ultimate Life List of Everything I Ever Want to Accomplish: I took a boat on the Thames and I went to Greenwich!

This March has been particularly harsh by UK standards. As a Canadian I'm used to Spring being a brutal and unpredictable season - but I know that Londoners definitely do not expect the amount of snow or bitterly cold days that we've been experiencing on month. So when the sun comes out, it is cause for rejoicing! This was the reason for the trip to Greenwich, as it's a lovely place for a day trip and the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

But I shan't ramble on any more. Instead I'll let the photos (And captions) speak for themselves.
First of all - I've discovered the glory of panorama on my phone. 

Tate Modern and the Shard -
Tate Modern is one of those museums I keep going
back to, because it's so damn interesting. 

Sun! Glorious Sun!
And the beautiful Tower Bridge.
I have always been delighted by the particular
shade of blue they used to paint it. 
The Cutty Sark -
The prime attraction when you first
get off the ferry at Greenwich.
In its heyday this was the world's fastest tea trading clipper ship. 
A classic touristy shot - just because. 


  1. Did you visit the GMT Observatory? In the rain, fog or perhaps sleet this March there is a laser pointing down along the GMT line, is one of my favourite spots that side of London.

    1. I didn't but I definitely want to on my next visit!


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