Thursday, April 25, 2013


There's this nifty collective blog I follow called 'Doodler's Anonymous'. I don't identify as a doodler, per se, but I do enjoy doodling now and then. So when I saw their contest to doodle your ride I decided to do a little something.

Jonnie Rocket is a lovely red bike my partner gave me for Christmas. He's very shiny and here I've 'fancied' him up. I'm really enjoying playing with the Art Nouveau style, as you can probably tell.

I've also been working on my idea for a comic/blog around growing up in Inglewood and living by the river. Yesterday I rode my Blue Bullet (my bike that resides in Canada) all along the bike path, taking photos and jotting down ideas for different stories.

I love having outlets for my creativity. It's brilliant to have so many available to me and as I develop my design skills further it's fun to see the new ways I can get creative.

Seriously - if you love making beautiful things, be it visual, written or performed - just go do it. Life is too unpredictable to waste.

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