Sunday, July 17, 2011


For some reason my blogger image uploader won't show me the photos I uploaded today so I don't have the images I want for the entry I was going to write. Which is pants!

For today I'll just say that my lesson this weekend was to remember to relax and give myself time to do very little. I tend to feel like any time I spend not working on my art or writing is time spent idle. This idleness gives me a sense of panic and stress, as if my life is being wasted by my inaction - even if I know that's not true.

I suspect (Quite rightly, I'm sure.) that this is simply a bi-product 'knee-jerk' reaction after being in a stagnant relationship for far longer than was necessary. As though I need to make up for lost time by constantly applying myself. But I know that I'll be more productive over the long run if I give myself breaks. As important as my work is, so too must be my rest. Which is why I spent the day outside, in a beautiful shelter which allowed me to enjoy the rain from a fire warmed and dry space in the company of my wonderful supportive partner.

And I certainly don't think the time was wasted at all.

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