Sunday, July 10, 2011

General goings-on

The year continues at its lickety split pace.

Everything seems to be falling into place so I’m not feeling terribly overwhelmed. As my gallery show approaches I feel like everything is coming together nicely, especially with the development of Barefoot providing the wine.

There are other little things cropping up and they too seem to be making themselves happen. A fellow artist here in London twigged me onto the Crazy Sexy Cool Show, a general showcase of various artists which will feature a pair of my custom sneakers.

At the end of April my animation, ‘Affinity’ screened at the Paris Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival. Apparently it was watched by one of the organising members of the Some Prefer Cake Film Festival in Bologna and now they too wish to have me send a copy for screening.

Then there’s the exhibition for Trees for Life up in Edinburgh, which both my partner and I have pieces in and it looks like we’ll be going up to attend.

I have to admit that it feels a bit surreal. I’ve not really done much beyond my usual blog updates and tweeting regularly. It’s incredible how, the less you cling to making something happen, the more likely it is to naturally occur.

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