Thursday, July 28, 2011

Memory Lane - Kait's Mixtape

My newest art acquisition - 'Katy Bird' Chickadee

Today I caught the overground from Vauxhall to Wimbledon so I'd not have to go underground on my way home. The sun was gloriously, richly hot as it's not been for about two weeks. It was simply too nice to be in the network of tunnels running beneath London.

I stood on the train platform, enjoying the sun on my face and the music in my ears. I was completely and entirely in that moment. There was the pulse of an approaching train in my feet, the warmth of the sun against my skin, the familiarity of the lyrics which I'd not heard in so very long.

I have always admired Tegan & Sara. Born in my home town, they are a true testimony to doing what you love. They went from being a locally known duo playing in a local coffee shop in Kensington (The Calgary Kensington, not nearly so posh at the London one, but still very nice) to having their music featured on the L-Word soundtrack.

Their second album is called, interestingly enough, 'This business of art' and today I found myself listening to 'More for Me'. This is a brilliant song. I've always thought so, but today it was just what I needed to hear.

Had a bad day, as bad as they come.
Time to get a real job - you gotta stop having fun.
So I got a real job working nine to nine.
Making five bucks an hour til the day I die.

We are conditioned to believe that we must work and that work must be done out of obligation and that if it's work then it shouldn't or can't be fun.

If I could have one wish I sure wish I had never grown up
got a picture of the way I looked when I was three
I came out laughing, screaming, dancing.
I came out laughing, screaming, dancing.

When we are young it is so easy for us to celebrate the beautiful things in life. To see even the seemingly minor things, like a beautiful sunny day, as something to be celebrated.

I used to be free spirited
Now I'm just free of sleep
I've got a burning passion in my throat
I've got a burning passion inside of me.
I've got a job that wastes my time and gift
I've got a life that needs a serious lift.

It's easy to become complacent. To stop seeing the pure joy at the simple fact that you're alive and the world exists. But we can get into a place where we feel like we're bursting to get out, fidgeting with an energy that just won't go away, and this is where we can tap into our potential. This is where we can give that push.

I'll always have more for me.
I take a little more for me.
I take a little more for me.
I take a little more for me.
More for me.

Remember to always take care of you. That you can be selfish without losing compassion. That when you take care of you and do what you need for you, you will be able to benefit others more.

Remember why you're amazing and why you deserve a job you love and that you should love the life you lead and lead it as if you own it... because you do own it. It's yours.

"Tell me what you plan to do with your own wild and precious life."
-Mary Oliver

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