Thursday, July 7, 2011

Exciting Developments!

This is me looking very excited! Why am I so excited? Well, last night I attended the CityPink drinks night at the Adams Street Private Members Club (Very swish) and whilst there I met some very interesting and cool people, as well as bumping into a friend. The result was that a lot of my cards were given out to a lot of people and my gallery show was well promoted for the entire evening.

But even more fantastic than that - and that was pretty fantastic - I got to chatting with Gemma, a representative of the Barefoot Wine company. Established in 1965 and relaunched in 1986, Barefoot likes to partner with not-for-profits and small businesses. They don't pay for any advertising so they get out there by offering their wine at events like the CityPink drinks night, or even at a starving artist's gallery show on August 19th and 20th.

So yes! For those who enjoy a nice robust red or a crisp white, there will also be wine courtesy of Barefoot at my Apricot Gallery showing. Hussah!

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