Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Novel Idea

Twitter is a great resource.

I was very hesitant to use Twitter initially because it seemed to much like a giant game of voyeurism. Certainly, a lot of people do use it for such things, but the great thing about Twitter is, you don't have to follow those ones.

I follow like-minded individuals, people who are seeking to share their creativity and passion with the world and people who support my work or whose work I'd like to support. Essentially, Twitter is a giant universal chat room so I 'listen' and 'talk' with people I'd probably connect with face to face if we lived in the same city or even the same country. It's a tool and when used properly it can open up a lot of fabulous opportunities I might not have noticed. Like when I did my tree art submission for the community show being organised by a fellow artist and Twit in Scotland. Or how just today I came across the link to Unbound, a genius community sharing project to get readers involved in helping their favourite authors published. I'm slightly miffed that the requirements to be an author on it are that you're a)already published or b)have an agent, but I'm not going to let that hinder me. This is a cool concept and one I'm quite eager to get involved in. Just like I've tackled Threadless, I will leap upon and take on this brilliant idea. I have faith in my writing, conviction of my talent and a belief that even if this doesn't get me published, at least it will give me some motivation to self publish before the year is out.

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