Sunday, June 19, 2011

I couldn't think of a decent title for this entry

'Pixie King' Work in Progress

For all the new skills I've been developing with my design work, I still really do love the simplicity of paper, pencil and pen when it comes to creating an image. I think it's because nothing ever really beats the feeling of potential I get when I look at a blank sheet of paper and hold a freshly sharpened pencil in hand. It's a mindful process, in which I can focus not on what I'm drawing, but on how the actually act of drawing feels. The soft scratch of the lead catching the minute contours of the paper's surface, the smell of the rubber when I erase little bits, the smoothness of the ink as I outline the pencil - all of it gives me a sense of calm and well-being, much the same as when I do Metta meditation.

This is just a little something I started today, for no particular rhyme or reason, other than I wanted to do it for the pure joy of it.


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