Thursday, June 16, 2011

Give it up for change! The most constant thing in the universe.

I think there is a myth that we will experience a single monumental life changing event in our life. As if a cataclysmic change will only happen once and can be very easily pinpointed to an exact moment in time.

I believe that life is a constant series of events spurring on change and there are those who will fight it and those who will embrace it and probably a lot of other people who fall in between because there are billions of people on this planet and for each of us there is a different experience. We are given a life and the point of it is to do the best we can with what we have.

Since I was three I've known I want to be a writer and it's taken until the past for years for me to realise that I've always been one and always will be. Just like it's taken the past few years for me to realise I've always been an artist. Whether I make a lot of money doing either does not define how successful I am in life. My success comes from recognising the things which matter to me and living my life fully by embracing and feeding them.

So as I move forward, sharing my art and writing with the world, it is the joy of creation which ensures my success more than the ability to live off of an income generated by what I've made. But I believe that it's also very important to be happy in what you do to make a living in life, which is why I've been exploring options for employment that tap into my creativity and natural skills without me having to sell a painting for $10,000 or get a book deal signed on with a publisher.

I've spent a lot of time working on improving my design skills, working with CS5 and producing marketing material for the charity which currently employs me. I've also gotten to play around with some web design and try my hand at a bit of t-shirt designing, which is still in the works. But the life of a designer is not the life for me. I enjoy it, certainly, but sitting in front of a computer screen is taxing and can be very isolating. Besides, it doesn't quite capture me. What I mean by that is, it doesn't fit into my everyday thoughts and meditations.

People do. People always have. I've always been amazed by the capacity we have as human beings to survive, grow, change and create. We are remarkable creatures and most of us have a lot of difficulty seeing it in ourselves. I've always found it extremely easy, however, to see the potential in another human being, sometimes to my very detriment.

I have also always enjoyed the art of conversation. I love to explore the way someone thinks and how their experiences shape and motivate them.

So I've decided to embrace this insatiable curiosity with which I was born and use it to help people realise their unending and brilliant potential. My Life Coaching training course begins in September, the longest 'school' commitment I've made since graduating high school (Even if it is mostly working on modules from home.) and with hard work and dedication I'll be a fully certified Life Coach by April 2012.

Looking back I can't say that there has been a single event which has led to this decision. I can easily credit my parents for always encouraging my brother and I to explore the world around us and never telling us that we had to choose a single career and stick to it until we die. I can offer thanks to a long list of incredibly talented teachers who allowed me to express my creativity and taught me how important the individual is. I am grateful for incredibly self aware friends who've been supportive and taught me the importance of being genuine. I can definitely give my thanks to the troublemakers who have taught me how to let go and shown me where I still have work to do. I have the inspiration given me by a brilliant psychologist, my highest paid friend and an incredibly talented therapist. And I have the constantly amazing support of a partner who appreciates everything about me.

In the mean time I'm gonna keep dancing, painting, writing, drawing and exploring because all of it is leading to the next change and the next, constantly, beautifully.

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