Saturday, May 28, 2011

T-shirts are super

Thanks to a fabulous friend of mine who also happens to be a marvy designer, I've managed to crack the Threadless Submission difficulties I'd been having. It's wonderful! I had a complete lightbulb moment where it suddenly all made perfect sense and viola, within seconds I was able to upload my designs to the critiques pages of their site.

Currently I'm just getting them critiqued because I want them absolutely spiffing for submission, to up the chances of them being selected for print. Please do check out the links to them and give your feedback. Constructive criticism is requested. Let me know what works, what doesn't work, what else you'd like to see and so on. Suggestions for titles would be great too. I really like the idea of 'Mrrf?' for the tortie cat. I'm thinking I'll change the sound from 'Mhn' to 'Meeee' for the black cat. I'm hoping to get up a little tabby by tomorrow, which for now is going to be called 'Coo'. All together they are the Wee Three Kitties.

I do appreciate the input!

A Fat Black Cat and a Little Tortie for your review.

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